New PRODUCT Arrived | HANKOOK is here!

As the marine industry grows at an incredible pace, MEQ has always been keen on providing the best possible solution to all marine issues. Our latest product, the world-class branded Hankook maintenance-free batteries is the best choice in the market for all vehicles and vessels. 

Whether it’s for an entry level vehicle or a high-end performance car, Hankook batteries provide reliable starting power that goes all the way through to the end of your journey. As always, Hankook’s outstanding product quality is the result of our innovative technology.

Battery Structure:

  1. X-Frame Grid Technology and Grid Protection Technology
  2. Enveloped separator for low electric resistance
  3. Advanced center lug technology and cast on strap
  4. Sealed double lid with frame arrestor
  5. Integrated computer design and reinforced container
  6. Magic eye indicator


  • Completely maintenance free: Calcium maintenance free
  • Fully closed lid: no leakage and minimal gassing
  • Magic eye for easy indication of the state of the battery
  • High cold cranking amps
  • Proven reliability
  • Handles to make moving easier