About Us

Marine Equipments Pvt Ltd takes pride in what the company offers in state-of-the-art marine equipment technologies that cater to a range of marine vessel requirements so often needed in the Maldives. 

Established in 2006, led by a team of professionals with vast knowledge and experience in the field of marine hardware equipment and accessories, the objective of the company is to cater the demands of the marine transportation industry. 

Over the short time frame in existence, Marine Equipments Pvt Ltd has grown to be a prominent brand that is respected for its range of quality products and extensive selection of imported accessories to provide the Maldivian maritime industry with internationally well recognized brand of products. 

In addition to being the sole distributor for more than 20+ internationally recognized brands of ocean equipment, Marine Equipments Pvt Ltd expanded into marine engine and generator sourcing, installation and maintenance with the aim of becoming the leading standard at which the industry is measured as a whole.